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Student Reviews
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Tom De Luca with Paw-Lite Companion Dog Training is a true dog whisperer! Tom is intuitively attuned to our Boxers and uses gentle reward-based techniques and body language to train them to be good family members, companions, and canine citizens, and our well behaved obedient best friends. Boxers can be a head strong independent breed if not trained correctly so Tom has been a God-Send to us. Our pups love him, but respect and obey him as they now do with us thanks to Tom. Tom trained us how to properly handle our Boxers and be the calm assertive alpha leaders of our pack. His techniques are very transferable. Tom is reliable, trustworthy, and punctual. We can set our watches by the time he rings our door bell for our appointments We also give Tom the keys to our home to care for our dogs while we're away on vacations or long weekends so we trust him explicitly. He's a good guy and totally honest and trustworthy. If you're looking for a top expert companion dog trainer - Tom De Luca is your man!
     Jonathan & Nora B.

Tom is by far the most outstanding trainer I have ever come across. His knowledge of dog behavior and how to shape it gently is incredible. He not only reversed my dog's tendency toward aggression, but brought him around to where he is offering behaviors for the pure joy of it. Tom was and is always available to answer my every question thoroughly so I completely understand what I need to do. I was ready to give up on Hopper. Tom helped us both so much. Hopper is now a happy, loving dog (you should see him wag whenever he sees Tom). He knows his boundaries and Tom taught me how to set them. I recommend him to everyone I know that wants to train their dog. I couldn't be more pleased with what Tom has accomplished for me.
     Jennie & Hopper

Tom, You have made our life with Quigley so great! We started out with a great dog that was just out of control. Through the training process with you, we have learned so much about him and how he functions, we are now able to walk him anywhere, play at the dog park, relax with him here at the house and just enjoy the little man that he is. You took allot of your time and zeroed in on what his triggers were and focused on that and gave us the tools we needed to help him. Thank you for all you have done for us. We appreciate everything! Thanks again and lots of doggy kisses.

     Chad, Cyndi and Quigley

Great trainer - Tom has helped me shaped my German Shepherd to be respectful and view me as its superior, so he doesn't get out of hand. Tom has different techniques that he applies to achieve what you want out of your dog. If you don't think your dog can learn, tom will find a method that works. He relies on only positive reinforcement to get the behaviors that he wants. It was also very interesting on how he explained to us the psychology of dogs and how they think and act. It gave me a great insight on not just my dogs but all dogs in general. It was great having Tom come to our home and give us different techniques. Thanks to Tom, my shepherd does not dig through the trashcan and eat everything on the dinner table. Hurray! You will see dramatic improvement from your dog in a short amount of time. You can see that Tom loves what he does

and he does a great job as well. He will treat your dog like his own.
     Nam Duong & Bear

Kevin is a rescue dog and very skittish. I had forgotten many lessons regarding dog training. Tom was great with Kevin and his lessons were very concise and easy for me to understand. Kevin made such great progress in the last 2 months. I highly recommend Tom as a trainer. He has a natural ability for handling dogs and a great training program.
     Andy & Kevin

Well done! - Really can't say enough positive things about our experience with Tom. I contacted Tom when our Newfie was just 4 months old to get a head start on training. We ended up working with Tom for just over 6 months. Both my wife and I found each lesson to be informative, insightful, and extremely productive. We followed Tom's lesson plan closely and made progress each and every week. As a result of Tom's guidance and expertise, we are the proud parents of a wonderful 12 month old 120 lbs Newf that is well behaved, easy to manage, and an absolute joy to be with. If you are looking to work with a professional that gets results, I strongly suggest you contact Tom.

     Jim, Michelle, & Griffin

Tom's Training Worked Wonders on Formerly Crazy Dog - After six training sessions with Tom, Ozzy is now able to enjoy carefree days at the dog park. Before, Ozzy could not relax and fought with any dog that approached him. He also spent hours barking at people, regardless of whether they were on our porch or the one across the street. After working with Tom, Ozzy has become a better canine citizen and neighbor! The neighbors were quite surprised to find out that he really is a nice dog. He even lets the neighborhood kids pet him now. Tom not only "fixed" Ozzy, he fixed me as well. Nearly everything I was doing in the way of training was wrong. What I thought was cute or clever dog behavior (barking at me to tell me when he wanted a snack, and growling if another dog came close to me) was actually Ozzy viewing me as a weakling who could be controlled and required protection. I really appreciate all of the training and advice from Tom, and would absolutely recommend him to others. He changed Ozzy's life (and mine) for the better!
     Cheryl, John & Ozzy

Hi Tom, when I first brought "Baker" our Labradoodle home as a surprise Christmas gift for my wife Linda, she was excited and terrified at the same time. It didn't take long to learn that we did not know much about raising a puppy. I search for weeks and interviewed several trainers, and we were most impressed with you. Choosing you as our trainer was the best decision we made regarding Baker. You explained everything to us in a manner which we can understand and relate to. Your lessons were comprehensive from health issues to basic training. We learned from you how to train Baker which was very empowering to us as new puppy parents. We have and continue to recommend your services to anyone who owns a dog or puppy. I can't imagine how our household would be, or how Baker would have turned out without your help. So, from the bottom of our hearts, myself, my wife Linda, and Baker thank you for teaching us how to enjoy one another. Best Regards!
     William, Linda & Baker

Dear Tom, Thank you for giving us the skills to set the right tone in our household. Our dogs are happier & more confident, and WE are happier! The skills you gave us are amazing, simple, and best of all they don't harm our dogs. I finally feel like Pesto & Basil trust and respect us. We will continue practicing with them and eventually use some of what we learned to be the "pack leaders" for our future human kids. Thank you!
     Kristin, Joe, Pesto & Basil

Our Duke loves Tom and so do we! When we rescued our pitbull mix, Duke, we knew we had to find him a trainer. After many days of online searches, i came accross Tom and Paw-lite! I made an appointment for a trial class a few days later. Tom said it would be complimentary as he wanted to make sure that we felt he was a good fit for us and for our dog. Prior to Tom's arrival, we were having a few dominance issues, along with door dashing, and not to mention our complete failure when it came to walks (lunging, laying down, pulling on the leash, jumping, etc). Tom spent 1.5 hours with us on that first night and now 6 weeks later we've just decided to extend Duke's lessons. Duke now walks loosely on a leash NEXT to us, doesnt try to dash out the door, doesn't show any dominance problems, sits, stays, lays down, goes to his "place", and is an overall joy to be with! I'm not going to lie... expert help does not come cheap, but it is well worth it. We never thought twice about the money spent once we started seeing the improvements!

     Jocelin P.

Dear Tom, We want to thank you for making our life with our Chocolate Lab, Maggie, a loving happy time. The difference in her, the way she responds to commands is nothing short of a miracle. It is hard to describe the joy I feel when we walk and she is right by my side without pulling and tugging. When I tell her to heel and she scoots her self-right around to my left side. Being a working hunting dog, she now can leave birds alone on command and they can even walk right in front of her, this wasn't easy for her and yet you made her understand a time to retrieve and a time to watch quietly. Thank you for using such gentle and patient techniques. Maggie responded to you so well and it was seemingly simple. Again Thank you for your love and care for dogs and their owner's happiness with controlled lives. Warmest regards.
     Paul, Shirley and Maggie

Great Experience - Tom helped me with my extremely stubborn Australian Cattle Dog about 6 years ago. Tom was such a joy to work with and his training techniques were always positive and fun for my dog. Now my dog no longer tries to herd us and doesn't jump on the furniture anymore! My ACD is so well behaved now, I can take him anywhere, including hotels. In fact, Tom's training techniques were so successful that we have hired him back to help us with our newly adopted dog. We are three weeks into training and we are already seeing marked improvement in her behavior and she is learning much faster than we had hoped for. I highly recommend this trainer.

Mr. Famous is an excellent dog now. He was very unruly at the beginning. The dog now minds and follows me. This is better than I would have imagined. The fact that Tom came to my house was a great help. Tom was encouraging of my dog's progress, and the wealth of information, I thought it was excellent all around. Very much recommended.
     Jen Coyle & Mr. Famous

Absolutely and totally pleased! We are senior citizens and recently adopted Lucy, a high energy Golden Retriever - Cocker Spaniel cross, two years old. I've had many dogs before, but a combination of her age and my age made my training ineffective. Tom took over, and in six weeks, we had a brand new dog. She walks well on a loose leash, stays on command, comes when called, and is reasonably under control when company comes to the house. Give Tom a call if you want a well-mannered dog. Best investment ever!

I have had Tom help me with 2 dogs now, 7 years apart, and I am very satisfied with the training he has provided. The best commentary is really the compliments you get from others about how well behaved your dog(s) are and I get a lot of those compliments. I believe very much in the philosophy he uses, which is to change the behavior through conditioning. But you have to do your part as well. It's real important to do the training exercises, with your dog, in the weeks between. I would highly recommend Paw-Lite for anyone with dog training needs.

     Andy H.

Teach an old dog new tricks? Yes! With Tom's patient direction we are making huge strides with our 7 year old siblings. In six weeks Tom corrected our problem walking, barking, and social fears. More to deal with in the future so we will be glad to have Tom back soon.

     Scott R.

I can't believe we are able to get the dog to do the various things they are doing - and without force. They are much happier; and WE are much happier. They were so fearful of people before. If we do the right thing, they do the right thing. The instruction was very clear. Tom's demonstrating the various techniques was fascinating to watch, and the written instructions were a good follow-up during the week. I was so impressed I've been telling everybody. Tom is knowledgeable. He was unflappable no matter what the dogs did, and he always knew what to do to correct it.
      Peggy Ashcroft, Petunia & Magnum

As a trainer, I consider Tom one of the best! I am the owner of a Great Pyr. Considered one of the most difficult dogs to train. Max jumps thru hoops for Tom!!! Whenever I have a problem with Max, I call Tom, and he is there for me. He always has the right technique to make Max do what he is supposed to!! Both Max and I feel that he is unsurpassed in his training ability and I would always refer people to him if they want the best for their animal.
     Richard & Max

Tom De Luca taught my dog to overcome 6 year old behavior problems. I liked his gentle approach, extreme patience & massive knowledge and I have told friends. Tom is the 3rd trainer we've had and was 10 times superior to the others. He can do anything! A great experience! Thanks!
     Carline Smith & Connor

Tom, I just wanted to let you know our dogs are behaving 100% better since we did your in-home training. We really liked your gentle teaching techniques since we don't like to harm our dogs... Anyway, we will for sure refer you to all of our dog owner friends in the future!
     Seth and Jennifer Matson

Jag did not know sit, come, stay etc., now he knows them all! He knows boundaries & will not cross them unless invited! I had fun training the dogs & watching them become more cherished family members. I loved the fact that Tom came to our home and got to see the dog's environment, and better understand the family dynamics!
     Cherlynn Hurdle, Jag & Red

We now have the best behaved dog we have ever had thanks to Tom. Friends family and neighbors all want to take him home, they all say how well behaved Cody is. Tom would always attract a lot of attention while training. People were really impressed by his training methods and so are we. Best money we ever have spent. Thanks again Tom, Your the BEST!
     Roger, Jodi Winn, & Cody

Tom has done a fantastic job training with our 2 dogs. Tom is very knowledgeable, professional, diligent and pleasant to work with. We got results within the first 20 minutes. Since we began working with Tom our dogs are so much more fun to be around, they are happier and actually seem healthier. We we always told, you can't treat an old dog new tricks, in other words you can't train an older dog, not true! My wife and I highly recommend Paw-Lite. Thanks Tom.
     Peter & Chi

Tom knows his stuff by far. I never knew all the thinking and history that shapes a dog. Our lil Annabelle Loves Tom and his feed bag! LOL.. We had 7 sessions with Tom and plan to continue after the holidays. Any time I had a question is was answered and explained until I had true understanding. Thank-You to Tom our lil Annabellle has awesome manners. Wish more people would have a trainer!
     Rochelle D.

Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks, because Tom can. Tom helped us with Murphy our 8 yr. old Cocker Spaniel. We learned a lot from Tom. He was able to set a foundation for Murphy to excel. Tom's patience and attentiveness was a great asset. We highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their dog.
     Gary, Melanie Grant & Murphy

Murphy loves you & responds so well to your commands! You give a lot of detail in your training, I loved watching Murphy learn! Great job - you are always a joy to work with and I wish all dog owners were as loving, gentle & kind as you are! Thanks so much!
     Nahla & Murphy

Tom is wonderful! It's amazing how quickly he can get the dog to respond exactly how he wants them to. We are blessed to have him helping train us and our dogs from walking to barking and sitting, having manners and training us how to be the pack leaders. He has helped make a big change, in a short amount of time. We highly recommend Paw-Lite!
     Wendy M.

Lacey has come a long way from the beginning of the class. She is learning along with her owners. Everyone in the family is a lot happier. You took time on every lesson & made sure we understood before moving on. Tom, the class was great. Lacey has learned so many behaviors. Tom is a great trainer & Lacey enjoys him also. Tom thanks so much for all of your help. You have given our family a great success!
     Debbie Wade, Steve Derwin & Lacey

Tom did an amazing job teaching me leadership skills to get my 80-lb yellow lab under control. I saw results after our first meeting & by the second meeting, he had taught me how to walk my dog (instead of him walking me). Now I can walk my dog with control, he no longer pulls when he sees another dog, squirrel, cat. I even walked him around the lake in HB Central Park right past a group of ducks with no incident. My dog had some dominance and aggression issues with other dogs, but we have been able to work past those issues as well. Some of these issues took longer than expected & Tom was great on working with me on cost as well. I would highly recommend paw-lite to anyone looking to control their dog.
     Inge P.

Tremendous improvement! I really enjoyed the process of reward vs. punishment. Tom really has a deep understanding of dog behavior and we saw that rewarding behavior made all the difference. This was a great experience.
     Greg, Rachel Harkvy & Lilo

T-Bone's behavior has improved greatly from the first session. He was very difficult to control with his aggression & barking. But each week it got better to the point where my wife can now walk him outside. No way could she do that before. We enjoyed the reward approach without the traditional "punishment" based techniques. Tom's Approach was very gentle & it won T-Bone over.
     Tom, Doneur Schmidt & T-Bone

Extremely well thought out & planned. Tom De Luca is the best instructor we've ever had. Presented in a very professional manner. Great philosophy in training, gentle, patient. Tom was very knowledgeable. Keep up the good job for our community.
     Wayne & Storrow Johnson

Our Dog has learned far beyond what I thought she was capable of in such a short period of time. Tom's techniques and care are phenomenal. We enjoyed the simplicity and reasoning behind the cues, and Tom's availability & willingness to work with us. Thanks for everything!
     Patrick MaGee & Grace

Excellent. We learned all kinds of things - sit, stay, settle, potting etc. The sessions were all great. Not only did you learn obedience - you learned a lot of other things. Tom did a superb job! He took time with each dog, always had time for many questions and was all around extremely helpful.
     Wayne & Jackie Watson

Tom, just wanted to thank you for all your help , Mako is acting so well and really benefited from the training!
     Jamal Sampson [Played for the LA Lakers]

All the information was most useful. Tom is well qualified & so so much info. Highly recommended.
     Debra Morrell

Tom is a great trainer and really cares about the results he gets. He is flexible and willing to do training where it is needed (we have been at my home, the beach, and the park). He understands dogs and helps you to learn how to manage your dog. He makes a huge difference.

Tom was great and really patient. You can tell he loves dogs. He has a great way with them!
     Andrea Villa

The results were astounding. It's like we have a completely difference dog. Thanks Tom.
     Chris Swartz

Thank you ever so much for taking such good care of our puppies & for all of your expert training!
     Jonathan, Norah Bonwit, Barron, Windsor & Juliet (Bonwit Kennels)

Zoey is a recent rescue with some behavioral issues; running away, barking, chewing shoes, etc. All Gone! Tom is very patient & kind. Zoey & KT look forward to classes, and so do I. I find that I'm probably learning more then the "girls" Thanks Tom!
     Sue McClarin, Zoey & Kylie Taylor (KT)

Tom, you were wonderful & got Kadie and Joey to do things I never thought they would. I enjoyed the potty training the positive way, and the "sit" & "down" training. Wonderful experience, you are very gifted!
     Kim Aoyama, Kadie & Joey

How lucky we are to have found Tom! We got Bella when she was 10 weeks old from a breeder and started our puppy classes right away. After 6 weeks, Bella will sit, stay, come and is mastering walking on a leash. We couldn't be happier! Tom is extremely prepared for each session and goes above and beyond the simple commands. He covers the history of dogs, reviews supplies, food, etc... In the first session. His teaching methods are simple and effective. Thank you so much Tom!

     Julie & Bella

Hi Tom, this is Marine Graybeal, Alice's mom, and I was just calling to tell you that Alice is now sitting and staying and the next time we can make her go down and she stays. You can lay the leash down and walk away and she'll stay until you tell her to come. So we're really proud of her. I know we all kinda thought she'd never learn that, but anyhow I just wanted to share our joy with you, thanks, bye.
     Marine & Alice

I'm so proud of my pups. You made them putty in your hands. Seeing how easy you worked with my dogs made it easy to imitate and get the same results. These pups in 6 weeks, are better than my last 2 dogs that I tried to work with, by myself, for 16 years. I loved the structure, the outlines, and especially you, the teacher, you're fabulous and very easy to understand and learn from. Everything just seemed to make sense, which made learning EASY! I would highly recommend your services and it was worth every penny. This was a gift that will keep on giving.
     Victoria, Deborah, Murphy & Ginger

Chica was always happy after class and wanted to continue the games. I liked the extra care tips as well as the basic lessons. Everything was great because whatever I needed to have addressed, the class was adjusted for. We will continue more classes for sure! Tom worked around my schedule making it very convenient for me to make the classes.
     Carlos Parrott & Chica Ziggy

Bandit has become responsive and very well behaved. Everyone has noticed a marked improvement with him. He knows hand signals, and watching him learn new behaviors was truly a great thing. The training was great! I would recommend this to anyone!
     Chris Landgren, Lauren Maddox & Bandit

Scooby is showing marked improvement. He no longer shows "aggression" when other dogs pass by. We enjoyed the positive training, and Tom liked his job and our dog! Tom had a great amount of info on the learning process of a dog. We enjoyed every session and are very pleased with Scooby's improvement. Thank you so much for helping us with Scooby!
     Jay, Deanne Hoff, and Scooby

Excellent Trainer for my Bully Breed - The techniques that I learned from Tom have been very useful. The way that he teaches the handler to train the dogs is very effective and can be applied to more than one type of dog. He was very knowledgeable when it came to questions about training and has helped me to become a better owner, and my dog a better pet. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who is seeking a trainer.
     Ricard & Baloo

At 2-1/2 years old, my dog had some behaviors that needed to be modified and Tom did wonders with Joey. I was just amazed to see the change and how quickly it happened. It was a great experience and was very satisfied with the outcome! Thank you for teaching Joey good manners!

     Vivian Hermburg & Joey

Absolutely satisfied! We are so much better behaved than when we started. I've been better at controlling and he is definitively better at listening. It was more than just doing "tricks", it was more focused on complete behavior and understanding.
     Sarah Hata

Fritz is very cooperative and is beginning to understand appropriate behavior, and any bad behavior is due to our slacking off in consistency on our part. We loved learning all of the information about the dog. We learned so much about how to behave to help our puppy. I loved it! It was very convenient to have Tom come to us, and enjoyed all of the classes. We have owned dogs but never had training before, so all of the information was useful to us. I would highly recommend this training. I loved how kind Tom is to the dogs He trains you to treat them as a dog, but is compassionate and not punishing. Fritz loves to see him coming because he knows he is going to have a good time.

Great Experience, Reliable, & Enjoying - Our experience with Paw Lite & Tom DeLuca was rewarding for us and for our 3 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. For 12 weeks, Tom was always on time and very flexible with our schedule. Sophie was always happy to see him. He was always positive and Sophie learned good manners in a pleasant and relaxing environment. Our experience was so positive that we plan to have Tom back when Sophie is about a year old to get her ready for the AKC Good Citizen Program.
     Cindy & Sophie

Tom De Luca was wonderful training our dog. We have learned so much from our sessions. He has a great approach & technique. We are so grateful to have had someone like him working with our pet. This was the best!
     Carol Piturro, Doug Kenlner & Beebe

Tom is amazing and a true professional. I am so sad I did not find him earlier. He has worked wonders with our puppy and educated my wife and I so we can continue making progress. His training technique is remarkable and he turns the process of training into a fun game for the dog. Despite all of the mistakes I was making (and believe me everything I was doing was wrong), he was also very non-judgemental. He simply identified the the problem and provided a simple solution to fix it. I highly recommend him. Thank you Tom!

     Andrew B.

Tom was great! He taught us how to train our dog. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who adopts a new dog. We adopted a small pitbull and he was wonderful eith her. Now she is so well behaved and trained. So glad we hired him.

     Benjamin T.

Thank you Tom for teaching ME how to be the pack leader! Tom is an awesome trainer. Tom is excellent with my 4 month old Lab. I never thought that a baby dog could learn so much. Tom not only taught my dog, but me how to handle her. Tom is patient and explains the reasoning behind what we were doing - which helped me understand my bad behavior! We have aways to go with Maggie - but I'm going to have Tom help me. Eventually my baby will be a Therapy Dog and I'm thankful to have found an awesome trainer!
     Karen C.

Once upon a time, I owned a naughty little puppy who needed training. Since I didn't quite know to tackle training a puppy on my own, I began a search for some help... My first requirement: I wanted someone who was nearby so that I wouldn't have to travel too far. My second requirement: I was looking for an individual trainer - not a business that employed numerous trainers and sent out whoever happened to be available. After navigating my way through the internet, I came across Tom De Luca of Paw-Lite Training Services. I felt very confident that I had found the right trainer for myself and my puppy. As it turned out, I was right! After a few meetings with Tom, I began to gain more confidence in working with the puppy. Over time, we not only worked the puppy in and around the home, but also at various locations throughout the city. All of these different environments presented us with new challenges and helped us learn how to navigate our way through them. In the end, I truly felt that Tom provided me with essential skills and the knowledge I needed to be a more responsible dog owner. Recently, I needed to call on Tom's expertise again when I discovered that my newly rescued puppy needed a little more than basic training. The poor pup had developed some fear issues as a result of surviving on the streets. Well, it took a little bit of time and a lot of commitment, but I can honestly say that my dog is going to have a great life now that we have helped him to significantly manage his fear issues! If you're looking for someone to help train your puppy or adult dog, I highly recommend you meet with Tom De Luca. He'll help you to become the proud owner of a well-behaved dog.
     Cathy S.

Tom trained us on how to train our puppy! It was really amazing the amount we learned, even on things we thought we had already been doing correctly. It was by far the best investment we could have made. Our puppy loved Tom and his training sessions. I highly recommend Tom to anyone who wants to gain the tools to train their dog to be well-mannered.

     Gina Abundes Family

Tom definitely has a way with dogs! He is an amazing trainer and has taught us the tools to use for having a happy, healthy, and obedient four-legged member of the family. When we first contacted Tom, our adolescent labrador Diesel was very hyper and was beginning to rule the roost. Fast forward to a couple of months later, and we now have a wonderful, loving, and much gentler dog on our hands. It's such a treat to be able to take him places that we never would have attempted before. If you are in need of a good dog trainer don't hesitate to give Tom a call -- you won't be disappointed.

     Elizabeth R.

Tom is a great trainer and really cares about the results he gets. He is flexible and willing to do training where it is needed (we have been at my home, the beach, and the park). He understands dogs and helps you to learn how to manage your dog. He makes a huge difference.

     Michelle P.

Tom is such a great trainer and a great guy to be around. We have our Daisy, a golden retriever, who just turned 1. We did our first 6 week sessions and liked the results, and we just completed our second 6. Daisy has some really nice manners now. We would recommend Tom 100%.
     Susie and DJ susan f.

We had a doberman with serious anxiety issues and behavioral problems. She would cry at a very high pitch, driving the family nuts. We hired Tom to help us and I wished we did it sooner. The consultation was free. He came to our house and did a session with our dog and by the end of it, she was already performing way better. We hired him right then. We worked on refining her obedience, establishing my role as the alpha, and then we worked on distractions (other dogs, people, bikes, etc.) that could trigger undesirable behaviors from her. After the training regiment, my dob now walks down the street with me, by my side, without even holding the leash. If we run into an aggressive dog, she stays calm and follows my instructions. Most importantly her anxiety has greatly diminished. Although, she will always have her anxiety (which Tom told us upfront), he gave us tools to curb the anxiety and provide a better quality life for our dog and my family.
     Jeffrey H.

Tom trained us on how to train our puppy! It was really amazing the amount we learned, even on things we thought we had already been doing correctly. It was by far the best investment we could have made. Our puppy loved Tom and his training sessions. I highly recommend Tom to anyone who wants to gain the tools to train their dog to be a well-mannered.
     Sumo and Abundes Family

Our Krystal Bear is the sweetest, most gentle and kind little girl. What a joy she is to the family ALL THANKS to your training and guidance. She just loves you. Your teaching techniques worked in every instance. We will see you soon to get ready for the AKC Good Citizens. We recommend anyone with a new puppy or dog to retain your services with no hesitation. Not only did you teach Krystal but you taught us to be more in tune to her language. Thank You!!!
     Herb, Rose & Krystal Bear

Tom saved my terriers from themselves - I have two male terriers, a Wheaten and a Kerry Blue. Tom brought them under my control within six lessons. After a snarling introduction, they are now respectable terriers and the Wheaten is no longer afraid. The Kerry Blue may not be cuddly but he is a gentleman now.
     Mark, Louie & Tucker

Tom knows his stuff by far. I never knew all the thinking and history that shapes a dog. Our lil' Annabelle Loves Tom and his feed bag! LOL! We had seven sessions with Tom and plan to continue after the holidays. He even popped in to check up on Annabelle even though we were done with our sessions. Any time I had a question is was answered and explained until I had true understanding. Thank-You to Tom our lil' Annabelle has awesome manners. Wish more people would have a trainer!
     Annabelle & Rochelle

Tom is very skillful with our puppy - Thanks! It is nice to know we are the parents and should be in-charge.

     Stan & Jill Beibeman

We just finished the last of our six week session on the basic training program and I have to say I am amazed with the changes we have seen in our dog Sophie. We got her as a rescue, she was almost two years old and had terrible manners especially with greeting and separation anxiety not to mention a ton of energy. So here we are six weeks of training later and it feels like we have a different dog; she sits away from the door when it opens, she comes when we call almost without fail, she stays off the furniture, and leaves our books on the book shelf, and she walks peaceably wherever we want to go. As I said we just finished the sixth lesson so not everything is perfect yet but thanks to Tom we now have the tools to bring the rest of our issues under control. For example, we were having issues with her jumping up on us and this has almost completely stopped (barring when she gets too excited) and I have every confidence that as we continue to use Tom's methods we will see better and better results. My husband and I highly recommend Paw-Lite to anyone who wants to learn how to train their dog.

Theo has grown & learned a great deal from our experience with Tom, as have I. Now I know how to talk, communicate with Theo, and Theo knows how to listen. Paw-Lite Training is very important for all dog owners.
     Tom & Jill Herrington

Gracie learned very quickly with Tom's techniques. Tom was very kind and gentle, and very knowledgeable! Thank you Tom, you were great.
     Karen Crellin

We have a 5 year old Miniature Dachshund who we never thought could get tamed. She had a strong stubborn personality was really set on her ways. There was allot about training the owner rather than the dog. He really gave me a great insight on why my dog was doing the things she did. It does take some work from the owners and you will get what you put into it. Stay on course and follow the lesson plans and your dog and do great. Some of the training behaviors we eliminated were: Barking when the doorbell rings, begging, and pulling on the leash when walking.
She's a complete different dog and I love it. Tom is a great guy, very gentle with my dog. He has a non violent approach to everything and proves that a dog doesn't need to be yelled at or hit to make them listen to you. I HIGHLY suggest Tom!!
     Burke Dignam and Pete

Daisy has learned to be less aggressive around people and learned some discipline. I felt Tom explained things clearly and he was very patient with Daisy. Thanks for your help. I will continue to work with Daisy
     Toni White

I still have work to do, but they have enjoyed it. Very valuable information. My dogs love to learn. Lot's of useful tools - all positive. We loved it. Thank you!
     Lisa Toland, Sampson & Lilah

Tom provided lots of great tips & was concerned with the dog's health, as well as her behavior. Very enjoyable experience!
     Kevin Paka & Bailey

Our dog is on her way to becoming a well behaved little lady. Tom has given us the tools to continue to train her and refine her manners. I enjoyed watching Tom start cold & shape a behavior until, in 1 hour, she was performing the behavior. I know our dog is more of a pleasure now, than she would have been had she not had training.
     Phyllis Coulor, Molly

Both dog's behavior were wonderful at the end of class. I learned a great deal about a dog's background and how that needs to be incorporated into training to build a great relationship with one another. Tom was wonderful and I will definitely will continue training!

     Tracy, Spike & Oreo

Our puppy loved him! She was so excited whenever he came over and she responded very well to his training! She's a pit bull we adopted from the pound, so we needed help in teaching her without her becoming too afraid. His info on diet and toys was also extremely helpful. We hope to continue beyond the 6 sessions so we can keep her from becoming overexcited around other dogs. Highly recommend him!?
     Erin & Khaled

Calm & gentle trainer - Our puppy loved him! She was so excited whenever he came over and she responded very well to his training! She's a pit bull we adopted from the pound, so we needed help in teaching her without her becoming too afraid. His info on diet and toys was also extremely helpful. We hope to continue beyond the 6 sessions so we can keep her from becoming overexcited around other dogs. Highly recommend him!
     Erin & Roca

Due to Tom's efforts, Gigi readily took to the command exercises… So did we! Tom is an excellent trainer, and was great with Gigi. We thoroughly enjoyed the session and continue to see great strides with her.
     Bill and Liz Newsom and Gigi

Our pet dog is now more of a companion than before. She is now more responsive to us. She is more of a family member than before, and we can enjoy our dog.

Holiday has so much fun during training and loved her class, learning so many tricks. All of the tricks training was fun, interesting.
     Heather Melia, Jeff Overly and Holiday

LaBron has become a very well behaved young puppy. I enjoyed the extensive information and hands-on approach and the "clicker" training is very effective and useful. Tom is very cheerful & delightful to work with, you can see that he loves his work.
     Tahia Hoding and LaBron

The responsiveness of Savanna has greatly improved. We are extremely happy with Savanna's training. Extraordinary improvement. I never knew I didn't know so much.
     Clay & Michael Kilpatric and Savanna

Tom, thank you so much for teaching me everything & shaping Akilah into such a wonderful puppy. You really have been a huge blessing in our lives & I'm extremely grateful to have met you.
     Ivana Brown & Akilah

My main goal was to control the barking and jumping and I now have the tools to work with Mugsy. Thank you for helping us. Mugsy is now part of the family, and finally a welcome member.

     Joanne Long and Mugsy

He (Brutus) has come a long way. We loved the packets (lessons). Tom showed us how to be patient with the dog. Thank you so much!
     Angela, Max & Brutus

The behavior of my dog has changed tremendously for the best. Coco seems to be all around smarter. Tom is so easy going and great with animals. The dogs love him! Tom does it right.
     Kim Holliday & Coco

Molly improved with her socializing, and we learned to reinforce the things she learned to help her with her fears.
     Emily Moncur & Molly

You explain "How" and "Why" very well, and I liked it all. I understand how dogs think better, it was like doggie psychology. I think you have it down. It's great. I was able to learn on a personal level more about my dog instead of all dogs in general. Thank you very much!
     Teresa Beith & Dixie

Everything we learned was helpful. Our dog was respected & cared for by the instructor. I look forward to our next class.
     Heather Melis & Holiday

There has been significant change for the better in Tara. Her behavior is more relaxed and she listens so much better. The 1-on-1, hands-on instruction was extremely beneficial. I have noticed such an incredible change in Tara, I hope she keeps on improving. Thanks again!
     Bandy Harabedian & Tara

Sophiae seemed to be more calm. Great information in all areas of dog care.
     Diane Callaghan & Sophiae

There was a positive change in the dogs reactions in not jumping and following instructions. I enjoyed the variety of the info to include training and education of maintaining the dog. I was completely satisfied.
     Gina Mago & Bailey

Much better behavior than when we started! Classes were enjoyable and through. Loved the dog "psychology" - it helps to know what the dog thinks & feels.
     Deborah Cole & Sadie

What a difference! In 6 short weeks, Bungee has shown MARKED improvement! In fact our vet's office has ASKED US to provide Tom's card for referring other pet owners!

     Wayne & Sharon Metzger, Bungee

Gus has gotten significantly better with each class. The techniques make learning fun for the dog and makes him want to learn. It has been very successful. I am very happy with the training.
     Bill Bartz & Gus

We made great progress and learned lots of interesting things about dog behavior! We trained Whiskey to SIT and STAY when we opened a door and NOT bolt out! We enjoyed the instructor's friendly attitude and congeniality. Tom stressed how to encourage positive dog behavior with praise and treats. Whisky now lies on his back willingly inviting us to stroke his stomach!
     Joe Kagel & Whiskey

There has been allot of improvement since the first class. I liked to be able to tell the dogs the different cues and to let them know I'm the pack leader. Tom was very clear when it came to explain our questions.
     Daniel, Maribel, Yogi & Benji

Hank is 100% better, calmer and more disciplined. Tom has a great attitude!
     Sean Egen & Hank

Madison did well. We were completely happy with the outcome of her behavior. All the techniques made a big difference. Thank you for being so patient with her & us!
     Kim Gaeth and Madison

Tom is helpful and knowledgeable. I have learned to work in a positive way with my dog!
     Honor Levin & Tug

We are very satisfied. Training for humans! I enjoyed watching Sheila make so much progress. Thank you Tom, we'll be seeing you again soon!
     Walt, Nancy, Sheila

I enjoyed how the dogs responded [and] how quickly they learned. I learned as much as the dogs. Excellent job! Really enjoyed it!
     Bob Gelesby, Bugsy & Samone

Missy is more responsive to commands and overall more attentive to her handlers. The classes are fun for us and the dog. I found it enjoyable to see her improve behavior from the 1st lesson on. Missy enjoys the games when we reinforce behavior.
     Walter Franusiaic & Missy

Molly is an entirely new dog. We were contemplating giving her up because of her biting before we met Tom. We especially liked Tom's hands-on approach, our dog actually learned tricks during the sessions. Thank you Tom!
     Natolie Ochi, Molly

Tom, we have interacted briefly at times, and I confidently say you love dogs, are great with dogs, and have a pure talent as a dog trainer. Thank you for all your helpful tips in passing at the PETsMART store in RSM, CA.
     Brian Buehler

Just want to thank you so much for being such an awesome dog trainer and coming into our home! You've made this a very enjoyable experience for all of us.
     Bruce, Cathy, Gerwyn & Minai

We saw a noticeable difference in Buddy! We learned allot about what we were doing wrong and how to correct our training style. Buddy enjoyed the training and so did we!
     Denise Hopkins

Spencer is a "New" dog! He loves to please now! More freedom with our dog! Can't wait to resume our classes.
     Denise Hall

We are still having issues to work on, but she is on the right track. We found many useful techniques.
     Tanya Gillespie & Spades

Oliver's behavior has improved. We enjoyed watching him respond so quickly to the lessons. They were easy and gentle.
     Sue Harrison & Oliver

We have enjoyed your classes with our 2 dogs. Both of them have learned so very much - us too!
     Casey, Deborah, Dublin & Dottie

Excellent! You exceeded out expectations. Your lessons were full but simple to follow.
     Nancy Koch

I enjoyed the trainer and how he worked with Rudy, it was very nice to have him in my home. Rudy is more well behaved now. Tom is an excellent trainer.
     Elisa Savord

I liked that we learned the basic essential commands needed to start with a happy puppy. Tom De Luca was a great trainer and very patient.
     Racraei Provcncio

Tom, thanks so much for helping us to train Ralph. We appreciate all your time and effort.

     Carol & Bill Giruianzzo

We were pleased with all aspects of the class and look forward to the next session!
     Barbara & Matt Northrop and Shelby

We want to thank Tom De Luca for all of his effort in helping us learn and train our new puppy. He is a wealth of information about this breed (Irish Terrier) and has cheerfully given his time and energy to help us train our puppy. We do not know where we would be without him!!!
     Jim and Beth Callaghan

Tom is a very good teacher. Keep up the good work.
     Olivia Farmstead

Tom is an excellent trainer and has knowledgeable training skills. The class was very rewarding.
     Jason Gutiurriz

Tom helped me control my dog and I learned techniques to handle him better in a positive manner.
     Shirley Futagaki

Tom was great with the dog's individual challenges.
     Ruby Tschopp

I liked the easy to understand training methods from the teacher. I really enjoyed the class & hope to take more in the future.
     Heather Byard

Doing great! Really enjoyed Tom's "simple" directions! We'll keep practicing! Thanks!
     Joan Peoples

Great class. You got us started in the right direction.

Got a lot of tips that are not in the course book. Good interaction and dog training.
     Rajesh Swamimathaw

Excellent training course.
     Marsha Yee

We liked the trainer's approach. Tom is the key to this great class.
     Ward Herd, Susan Kaye

I liked the interactions with other dogs for Tootsie. The training was kept at an easy level! Tom was a great teacher - very patient and positive.
     Cindy Campbell

We made lots of progress. Tom has tons of patience and is an excellent trainer. Thanks!
     Sailor Beckham

Disliked nothing! Enjoyed the pace of each lesson & the calm friendly atmosphere for the dog and all. Enjoyed every minute.
     Matt & Debbie

Liked learning how to interact with dogs like Tom. Tom has a great temperament. He was very helpful with all of our questions.
     Jim Metzidis

I liked that the class was fun & friendly. Tessa and I both learned a lot.
     Julie Cramer & Tessa

Great trainer & knowledge! Couldn't be better! Thanks Tom! Many class times, great atmosphere. I've heard from others how good the system is! We're signing up again. Five stars!

     John Caley

Tom's hints were great helps.
     Marsha Suess

Appreciated the great approach to training! Thanks for the education!
     Shannon Hickman

It was helpful! My dog got along with other dogs and is more enjoyable.

The training was excellent! Tom De Luca was patient and enthusiastic! I intend to enroll my dog in additional training with Tom - He's the best!
     Susan Behar

Very skeptical initially, but very happy with end result. I liked [the] interaction with [the] other dogs. Tom is definitely the dog whisperer!
     Charlie H.

I disliked nothing about the sessions. Great puppy class.
     Julie James

I liked the friendliness. This was a great course to take with my dog. We both really enjoyed it.

     Natalya Hundrieser
Professional Recommendations for Tom Deluca

BANFIELD, The Pet Hospital
30515 Avenida De Las Flores
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

January 6, 2004
Angelique Volkman, DVM
General Practitioner, Emergency Clinician.
Subject: Letter of recommendation for Mr. Thomas R. De Luca III

To whom it may concern:
Thomas De Luca is a highly dedicated professional trainer, which I have had the pleasure to work with for some time. He adopts creative positive reinforcement techniques to achieve his training objectives and is a well rounded and highly respected member of the team.

Tom's record of achievement and professionalism is well established and it is with great pleasure that I can recommend him into the certificate granting program for animal trainers.

Angelique Volkman, DVM
California vet, lie # 14318

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

30515 Avenida De Las Flores
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

November 27, 2003

Dear Sirs,

I am a Store Director for PETsMART #1227 in Rancho Santa Margarita and I am writing this letter as a professional reference for
Thomas De Luca.

Tom is the Pet Trainer for my location and I have had the pleasure of working with him for the past three months. As a trainer, Tom is a consummate professional. His ability to bring out the best in our canine companions extends to bringing out the best in the Pet Parents who take his class as well. His training style is gentle, very easy to follow, and has been a major success here, as well as at his previous store in Foothill Ranch, California. We receive many complimentary cards from past clients, who love the changes they have seen in their pets and feel that Tom is directly responsible for their improved relationships.

One of the things that Pet Parents love the most about Tom is that he uses strictly positive reinforcement to help make the training process easy and fun. I would recommend Tom to any individual that was looking to better the quality of their relationship with their canine companion. I have in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Kathy De Los Monteros
PETsMART #1227
Service Area: Bandera, Boerne, Center Point, Comfort, Doss, Fair Oak Ranch, Fredericksburg, Harper,
Medina, Mountain Home, Pipe Creek, Scenic Oaks, Stonewall, Tarplay, Utopia, Vander Pool, Willow City, San Antonio.

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