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Thomas Deluca III
Owner & General Manager

Paw-Lite is committed to providing modern and practical pet training techniques to dog owners throughout Orange County and parts of Los Angeles County.

Dogs are extremely intelligent, social animals. Paw-Lite recommends all dogs should be trained beginning at age 8-12 weeks to avoid fear issues and ingrained behavioral problems that have to be unlearned later on.

Professional training offers you the wisdom to circumvent problems before they happen, and can help train you to effectively communicate with your best friend, while simultaneously building a positive relationship between you and your companion.

Paw-Lite offers evaluations of your dog's environment, temperament, and behavioral characteristics to determine the most effective training program for you and your

pet. They can also assist you in evaluating an older dog to determine if it will be a "good fit" for your family before you commit.

Through affection and praise, Paw- Lite offers one-on-one instruction for Basic and Advanced Obedience training, as well as and Behavior Modification Problem-Solving, based upon principles of mutual trust and respect. Basic Obedience training includes teaching your dog to sit, stay, come, lie down, leave things alone, and walk on a loose leash, and much more.

Paw-Lite also has private sessions that focus on Aggression towards Dogs and People, excessive barking, boundary control, destructive chewing, digging, door dashing, fearfulness, fence jumping, house soiling, jumping on people, play biting or mouthing, and getting into the trash or counter surfing. And can also train

puppy parents how to puppy proof their home, preparations for Therapy Dog Certification, AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification, Conformation, and Assistance Dog Training.

It is written in the genetics of the dog to have the ability to bond with humans as pack members, and training brings out the very best your dog has to offer. Most dogs, with every fiber of their being, will say thank you for years to come!

Call Paw-Lite, located in Huntington Beach, at (714) 596-4771, or visit me on the web at www.pawlite.com.

They offer flexible training options that are reasonably priced, which can be tailored to your needs and most anyone's schedule.

The CPDT Certified professionals at Paw-Lite wish you and your family a happy, healthy and joyous holiday season

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