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Welcome! Tom De Luca III, is a Nationally 'Accredited' and Internationally 'Certified' Canine Training Instructor, working with Aggression, Puppies and Service Dog's for for the past 18 years.

Tom's proven methods primarily involve 'Operant Conditioning', 'Positive Reinforcement' and 'Active Communication' techniques to train the first behaviors in his client's dogs. The Paw-Lite Method SPECIFICALLY works to minimize and eliminate corrections in the later stages of training, by gently conditioning a solid foundation in the early stages using non-confrontational techniques, so clients can safety start training their pup at 10 weeks old. Sessions are 'goal oriented' and automatically pre-train the next phases of learning.

Obedience (OB) training teaches a dog how to act in a co-operative and controlled way. Emphasis should be put on establishing good contact between the dog and the handler and on achieving the dog’s willingness to obey even when at distance from the handler.

Tom specializes in 'notoriously' difficult to train terriers, and has experience training all breed groups, both in a Group Class setting, and hands-on, one-on-one as a Professional Full-Time In-Kennel Primary-Staff Trainer.

Tom has also trained dogs for:
     ● AKC, UKC, IKC - Conformation Rings
     ● AKC Competition Obedience
     ● Agility
     ● Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certification
     ● Therapy Dog International (TDI) Certification
     ● Assistance/Service Dog Certification

Training that comes to you! - Tom works with your entire family for 4, 1-hour sessions, at your location, and shows YOU how to train your dog to eliminate undeseriable behavior based on the dog's temperment. In as little as 15 minutes a day, you can build a strong well-balanced pack/bond/relationship with your dog.

Discover simple methods to teach your dog 'Basic' and 'Advanced' manners and take your dog anyplace you go, on-leash or off-leash without fighting with the dog and repeating commands!

Each dog at Paw-Lite is approached as an individual whether it is fearful, dominant or a young puppy, and the training outline is assessed and modified for each dog's specific needs. Some dogs require a more direct approach and this is not a problem.

This Program Is Perfect For Puppies, and Older Dogs With, or
Without Behavioral Issues!!

As for aggressive dogs, most dog bites do not just 'happen' out of the blue. Often there are many months of 'going along with the dog'. If your dog is Dominant, Passive Aggressive, Fearful, Territorial, Protective, Guarding, Lunging, Biting, you need to know how to reverse this dangerous trend on the first visit! FREE Online Behavioral Assessment for Difficult Dogs is Available!

When You Need A Professional,
Call Me and Let's Talk!

Training is based on Canine Ethology, Behavior and Psychology. It is a natural predator communication that you can learn and use, involving body language, voice tone, touch, and visual cues based on normal canine social behavior, and is installed over the course of training more than 26 basic behaviors, in 6 hours, with over 400 other behaviors to pick from. Learn to be your dog's pack leader and understand your dog's natural instincts, while in the process of training obedience exercises.
Reach The Next Level With Your Dog.

Test Drive before you Buy - Tom's first session with his clients is always 'free', you will get results! If Tom comes out for a "stand alone behavior problem" that he cannot fix, or fail to come up with a 'game plan', there is never any charge for the visit, and he honors a Money Back Guarantee.

See Improvement After The Very First Session!
Basic, Advanced and Tricks Classes Available.
Assistance Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Aggression.

Learn to be your dog's pack leader and understand your dog's natural instincts, while in the
process of training obedience exercises.

Let Tom Show You How to Teach Your Dog with
a Very Lite-Handed Approach.

The result of training is not only a dog that will love to listen to you,
but a correctly balanced relationship with your pet,
based on mutual trust and respect.

CALL for an appointment TODAY!!
You will be so glad that you did!

Don't use a sledgehammer
when a feather will do!

Thomas R. De Luca III
FCI Certified Trainer
CPDT-KA - Certified Pet Dog Trainer - Knowlaged Assessed
Group Class & Primary In-Kennel 'Board & Train' Exprienced Trainer

Association of Professional Dog Trainers APDT
AKC-CGC, 'Canine Good Citizen
'Foundation for Service Dog Support
  Certified Pet Dog Trainer CPDT


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Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!

UNLIMITED CALL BACKS FOR 1 YEAR  -  Tom guarantees your dog will perform "Basic Exercises" outlined in the Basic Program. If for any reason the dog does not, he will fix the problem at no additional training fees.

Whether you are seeking to start your 8 week old puppy off on the right foot, wishing to retrain a few of your 12+ year old dog's problem behaviors, or are dealing with outright aggression, Paw-Lite Dog Training can help you raise a dog that anyone would LOVE to own!!


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Tom aligns his training to the Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) Specifically, he pledges to treat all clients and dogs with respect. The APDT defines "dog-friendly" training as "training that utilizes primarily positive reinforcement; secondarily negative punishment, and only occasionally, rarely, and/or as a last resort includes positive punishment and/or negative reinforcement."

Association of Pet Dog Trainers - Dog Training Professionals
Association of Professional Dog Trainers

"Promoting caring relationships between dogs and people by educating trainers in canine behavior and
emphasizing professionalism and reward-based training."

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