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"My Dog Is Starting To Driving Me Absolutely Nuts!"
WARNING - Do Not Just Rush Out To Buy Books And Attempt To Train Your Dog Or Even Think About Hiring A Dog Trainer Until You Read This Page.

If you are reading this, chances are good you
maybe a frustrated dog owner.

Possibly you have never tried to train a dog before, and are a bit confused about some aspects of learning theory…

Maybe you are a bit discouraged at how hard you've already worked with your dog,
 but are still having a few problems...

Maybe you've been told your dog is "hopeless" and have actually been kicked out of
 group class...

Well then you are in luck.
If you’re having any dog behavior problems, then


= Paw-Lite =
is here to fix it!


Are you feeling anxious, helpless, sick-and-tired of excessive barking, whining, howling for what seems like no reason whatsoever. Are neighbors getting annoyed?

Does your dog require some potty training to stop him from doing it all over the house? Are you frustrated when you find your dog has once again relieved itself in exactly those places you told him not to? Wouldn't you rather have him learn to potty where you choose?

Is your dog incessantly play biting at your hands, nipping your heels, ripping at your clothing, or at your kids?

Is your dog chewing off the cornors of your favorite floor rugs?

Is your dog digging up your freshly planted garden or lawn?

Would you prefer him to stop chewing on the furniture, fencing, shoes, and everything else in sight?

Does he "run away" when he hears the word "Come"?

When you "walk" your dog on leash, does he "drag" you around the block? Is he straining against the leash to get over to other dogs, cats or people? Wouldn't you like this to stop today?

Does she go frantic at the front door or try to flee from the backyard gate, or escape when exiting the car?

Are you getting exasperated at repeating over and over “NO! DON’T JUMP ON ME!”, on strangers, on guests?

Is your family cat being harassed?

Does your dog have a tendency to run after squirrels, cats, bicyclists, joggers, cars, in the middle of on coming traffic?

Does she insist on chewing on leaves, dirt, rocks, electrical cords and cigarette butts?

Does he "blow you off" and ignore you constantly?

Would you want him to stop eating his own, or other animal’s poop?

Does he completely "stress out" any time you leave him alone, even for short periods of time?

Does your dog display wild, unruly "territorial" or "dominant" behavior?

Has he snarled, redirected and bit you? Do you have any concerns that your dog may one day injure you, a family member, or some stranger?

Is your dog guarding food or toys?

Wouldn't you love to know how to alter your dog's aggressiveness towards other dogs?

Does your dog think he’s the leader of your pack, or over members of your family?

Does he have "issues" toward men, women, or children?

Does he guard his spot on the sofa, or bed from you or your spouse?

Does he seem boisterous, aggressive, skittish and/or unresponsive outside the house or off the property?

Do you find yourself having to remind strangers attempting to pet your dog, to keep their distance, don't come near the dog because he may bite?

Does your dog try to attack others dogs through the fence?

Are you absolutely sure you understand if playing "tug of war" with your dog, rough housing, or playing biting/nipping games are really good or bad ideas?

Are you thinking that your dog will "love you" better if you simply cater to all their needs, dote on them, spoil them, always treat them fair and kind?

Are you loving a dog that bites you?

Does your dog scratch at the door or window sills with his paws when you leave?

Having any 1 of these problems has to be very distressing.
I've been there, I understand how it feels.

If you're like many dog owners, you're looking
for relief Immediately!

You have valid questions, and you deserve
qualified answers.
But where are you going to turn?

Keep reading.
Your experience is not unique.

Out of 12.2 million dogs that end up in shelters, an estimated 2 to 6 million dogs are given up to shelters due to behavioral problems that have frustrated and bewildered their owners, breaking their hearts.

And their excuses bewilder me!
NOT because the dogs were vicious, snarling monsters!

But because they said the dog, "jumps on us", "we're moving",
"he barks", "he chews", "needs too much attention", "he begs",
"no time", "is too energetic", "she digs".

These owners have allowed these normal dog behaviors to strain, stress and taint their overall pet satisfaction level, and all the resulting yelling and interactive punishment has ruined their relationship with their dog!

Sadly, in our "throwaway society", only about 10% of these dogs are ever lucky enough to find their way to new homes, and only 1% of those ever end up getting any training beyond "sit"!

Ask yourself, are you getting tired of dealing any of your dog’s general disobedience issues?

Maybe you have gone to 1 or 2 group classes, but have had very limited results!

Maybe you've used advice from "expert dog trainers", tried their "jerk-jerk-jerk the dog into submission" plans, spent good money on their services, acupuncture treatments for the dog, and you're still stuck with the same old disobedient pet!

How many hours have you used experimenting with all the different training methods and still not find one that is really genuinely working with your dog.

And now you're reading this because all your hard work, time, and
money has done you no good and the dog continues to remain unruly,
out-of-control and ill-mannered.

Maybe it is time to call = Paw-Lite = and let's FULLY
assess your dog's needs and work up
a plan of action today!

Let's take a look at the real reasons behind that behavior
without creating more!

If you're not using the right dog training techniques,
you're likely wasting hundreds of hours per year.

What do you REALLY want...

Wouldn't you want to know how to fix your dog's behavior problem?
To have a better behaved, happier, healthier dog?

You instinctively know there has to be right and wrong ways to do this,
but everybody seems to have a conflicting view how this is to be done.

All this wasted time and trouble, when all you wanted was a fun loving,
loyal pet! One that listens to you wherever you go.

Is that really just too much to ask?!?!

Close your eyes and breathe deeply...
...just for a moment...

Visualize in your mind's eye, being out for a walk and coming to a street crossing, where your dog automatically sits patiently at the curb, waiting for your cue to walk again by your side across the street, and happily accompanies you for a walk everyday, with all the attention you need when walking him.

How would that make you feel?

That when you tell him to "Down-Stay", you know he will be there when you come back! Even if he's distracted by tennis balls, pieces of food, or when that fancy poodle walks by! Imagine being able to take your dog to the Dounut Shop, placing him in a "Down-Stay" outside while you go in and order a cup of coffee.

A dog that can bark when it's appropriate to bark, but that you can completely control it on and off!

A dog that not only follows you, but even enjoys obeying your every command!

Imagine your dog galloping over to you, tail wagging, every time you call!

Is completely housebroken. Imagine how much time and carpet shampoo expense you’ll save!

A dog that ignores the dirty clothes, chewing on the furniture, the shoes, the guests.

That actually likes going in his crate, to give him that sense of security he sorely needs.

That doesn't immediately run out when the front door is open, and sits outside with us if we are washing the cars or talking to neighbors without dashing off.

Imagine your dog being known and loved by everyone in the neighborhood.

That is social, friendly and can shake-a-paw with your guests.

Imagine the looks of amazement you'll get as your dog obeys your every word!

When you ask him to down-stay, and he does.

When you ask her to sit-stay, and she does!

Imagine how much fun would it be to have quality "carpet time" each day with such an adorable,
cuddly pet.

Wouldn't you think she's the greatest dog on earth?!?!

Even if you're a total beginner, or
you've tried everything but failed miserably.

I have 18 years of experience with cases like yours!

Companion Dog Training can help!

It's Guaranteed!

You can stop your dog from going to the "bathroom" on your
expensive carpet in just 1 week!

Let me show you a “game plan” and you can start experiencing fewer behavioral
problems, and begin to disengage from the stress and frustration you were feeling.

Start to see results on our very first visit!

Regain HOPE again!

Most people who fail, do so because they never take action.

Aren’t you sick-and-tired of your dogs behavior problems?

Have you ever thought how much more fun it would be for your dog
accompany you almost anywhere the law allows!

 Out to dinner...  To the mall...  The airport...

...anyplace the general public is allowed!
Behavior is always 100% modifiable


You really can learn to modify your dog's behavior problem.

The owner arrives home and his pup, happy to see the owner, jumps all over him... The owner says "No! Get Down!"... But the pup doesn't speak English! It genuinely may not have a clue about the true meaning of the word "NO!" The pup may think "Oh, you're just 'barking' at me again!" (He figures he kinda gets barked at allot these days anyway!) But then the pup watches the owner dance all around, pushing the pup away, looking at the pup, pointing his finger at the pup, and the pup's "light bulb" comes on! "Oh! I get it now! 'No!' means play!!" And so the owner inadvertently proceeds to give the pup attention for being "bad"! The "bad" behavior seems to "payoff" as play time! Is it really any wonder why the pup thinks it's fun to keep jumping on the owner, the Grandmother, the kids day after day!

The owner has actively trained the pup to jump on everybody everywhere! And worst of all, "NO!" has now become the cue for approval!!!

Wouldn't it be of some value to you to know how your dog thinks, learns and processes information, so you can best teach him quickly and easily, without having to undo training mistakes months later?
If you own and love dogs
you need this information!!!

Tom works with your entire family to "coordinate efforts", "get on the same page" and to understand the following information:
Learn insider techniques how to train your dog, used by dolphin trainers and teachers of autistic children which only experienced modern dog owners and trainers understand.
Discover how to train your dog to learn basic command and understand your requests.

Discover training without choke chains!

Find out the things you must add to your dog's 'bag of tricks' to become a solid member of the family.

Learn more about "dog whispering" as a new, amazing and totally humane training technique.

Find out about the dog's "stages of development", what to expect from theses "rites of passage", how they affect training, and how to handle each one of them properly!
Understand the importance of temperament when you want a dog that remains easy to train!

See how your dog's mind and body language works, to know what he's telling you. You can then use this information to your advantage so he wants to obey you!

How to get your dog to listen to you when ever you want!

Learn the truth that dogs aren't really cute and cuddly "furkids", that are not "trying to please us!" And how we can use this information to train them!

Find out how to win your puppy's love, and make a rescue dog LOVE to be hanging out
 with you sooner than expected! Discover the techniques needed for your relationship to work between you and your dog, and how you can become your dog's pack leader!
Discover specific training tips that you may wish to always remember when you are training basic commands to your dog!

Learn how to speed up training results by taking advantage of your dog's innate behaviors,
 and how you can use these to work in your favor!

Learn what toys you should give your dog! This is more important than you might think,
 because some toys can actually be detrimental to any proper training program, and some toys are even detrimental to the dog!

Learn how to properly introduce your puppy to his crate! There is a way to do it so he
 won't feel lonely or awkward, and bark needlessly, non-stop all night, while in it!

Find out what to include in your dog's crate or pen to speed up potty training!

Learn to recognize and how to take action when your dog makes demands for
 your immediate attention!

Learn how to gently teach a pushy dog to not act dominate with you or members of your family.

Learn how to exercise and play properly with your dog!

Learn how to calm her antsy behavior when she zooms all through the house.

Find out how often you should train your dog.

Find out how to communicate cleanly with your dog.

Become a more skilled handler and be able foresee and correct behavioral problems in your own dog.

Teach your dog what he can, and can't, chew!

Learn simple techniques to stop him jumping on you, or anyone, ever again!

Learn ways to get him to stop nipping and biting at you!

Find out how to welcome a new pup into your home!

Learn why it's critical to start introducing your dog to a wide variety of new sights,
 sounds and smells, as soon as possible!

Learn how to train your dog using "pre-trained" dogs.

Learn helpful tips, methods, tools-of-the-trade & tricks on making housetraining a
 success in a hurry.

Find out how to avoid the single biggest mistake dog owners make when housetraining
 their dogs.

Train your puppy to give you a signal when he needs to go out!

Learn why you should never punish your puppy (or adult dog) for an "accident"!

Learn how to trick your puppy to sleep longer when he wakes you up every night to potty!

Find out why and what you can do if your puppy eats its own stools.

Learn what to do if your dog is peeing on walls & furniture.

Find out how to stop your dog from barking unnecessarily, and why you don't want your
 dog to stop barking altogether!

Learn how to stop him digging inappropriately in your yard.

Gain the knowledge of how to teach your dog to never bolt out the front door again.

Become skilled at techniques to have your dog come to you at a distance, every time!

Find out the 1 thing you absolutely must do so that your dog will understand "why"
 you are correcting him.

Teach the dog "NO!" so that it has "meaning" to the dog!

Introduce him to the joys of "clicker training." Learn the do's and don'ts.

Find out the right way to use food in your training program.

Discover an amazingly simple way to get fast results using toys and things your dog wants.

Learn to praise your dog so that your interaction has "meaning"!

Learn the 4-D's of teaching your dog to "Stay".

Discover simple steps you can take to guarantee your dog will heel when you want him
 to, each and every time, even if you don't say a word!

Have fun teaching specific "parlor tricks" and "stunts" to your dog.

Learn how to liven up and invigorate a shy or fearful dog, and how to help your dog
 gain self-esteem.

Learn the real reason your dog doesn't mind you, and how to turn the tables on him.

Find out more about how to take better care of your dog's diet, and avoid dog foods
 that actually cause liver damage!!

Learn about proper nutrition, exactly what to feed, and judge the right quantity of
 food for your pup.

Learn how some of your favorite human foods, could actually kill your dog, and which
 plants and toxins to avoid.

Learn dog handling skills and keep your grooming and vet bills down! Routine
 grooming does not have to be a struggle!

Learn how to buy the "best grade" of shampoo and actually "save money!"

Find out how to clip your dog's toe nails.

Learn what to do about fleas, ticks, flies, heartworm, and intestinal parasites, and
 stomach gas problems.

Learn what
vaccinations are required for health and by law, when to give them, and how to avoid poisoning your puppy with too high a dose.

Find out how to read your dog's stool for illness, and when does a loose stool mean
 an emergency trip to the vet!

Find out what to do, and what to look out for when there is more than one dog in the house!

Learn powerful strategies for training aggressive dogs. I will show you how to
 de-escalate the problem.

Find out under what circumstances aggression from your dog is very natural and
 appropriate, and when its absolutely not!

Learn handling tips for dealing with a dominant dog, and how to diffuse potentially
 dangerous situations.

What must you do differently when training a dominant dog.

Learn the best ways to break up dog fights and prevent them from ever happening again.

Find out why, if you treat your dog like a human baby, it will grow up and bite you!

Learn an easy method to let your cat and dog live in harmony!

Teach your dog to:
       - Turn on/off room lights
       - Pick up keys, pens
       - Fetch the newspaper from the driveway
       - Self-stacking (stand-stay) for inspection (the judge)
       - Drop on recall
       - Go to your mat and lay down
       - Run next to your bicycle
       - Stay in your front yard without a fence
       - Walk next to a wheelchair or walker

AND literally 100's of other things!

Build personal self-esteem, and pride in ownership for you
and your family by training your dog today!

And training your dog benefits him more than it does you! Who knows?
It might just save his life one day!

All training sessions are laid out in a format that is 
      1.) Easy to apply and
      2.) Builds on the previous weeks learning skills.

Sessions are designed to be clear, concise, easy to follow, step-by-step lessons.

The dog will learn from success, not from failure.

The owners can learn at their own pace and not feel overwhelmed.

This is a proven training system that will have your dog or puppy obeying your every command!

Best of all, the information and techniques are easy for anyone to use!

Perfect for :
          Physically Challenged
          First Time Dog Owner's
          Advanced Dog Owners Too!

And yes, these techniques work on 99% of all
dogs, regardless background or age, from toy breeds to Mastiffs,
Pits and Rotties, 8 weeks old to 15+ years!

I come to you and explain why the methods work,
and "install" the basic behaviors right in front of you!

This learning is safe and fun for you and your dog, using “non-confrontational methods”,
focusing on encouraging good behavior through 99% positive reinforcement.

Start seeing results almost immediately on the very first day!

 •*•.¸¸.•*´*•  •.¸.•*`  •*´*• `*•.¸.•  •*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•  •.¸.•*`  •*´*• `*•.¸.•  •*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•  •.¸.•*`  •*´*• `*•.¸.•  •*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•

= Paw-Lite =
show you a natural way!!

 •*•.¸¸.•*´*•  •.¸.•*`  •*´*• `*•.¸.•  •*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•  •.¸.•*`  •*´*• `*•.¸.•  •*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•  •.¸.•*`  •*´*• `*•.¸.•  •*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•

You will...       Vastly mprove and enhance your ability to directly relate to your dog.
      Improve the quality of his life.
      Learn to be predictable and avoid distress, mistrust, anxiousness and frustration in the dog.
      Learn to de-escalate on-going conflicts and tension and avoid using active punishment strategies.
      Learn to manipulate contingencies for reinforcement and promote affectionate, voluntary cooperation.
      Improve the human/dog bond through increased social connection between you and your dog.

Your Dog Will...
      Develop a cooperative behavior.
      Increase social competence, trust, relaxation, mutual appreciation and harmony.
      Learn that by deferring to, and complying with, owner's directives, the dog's resources are optimized for his
               own comfort and safety.
      Learn to accept certain inevitable limits, boundaries, responsibilities conductive to the domestic harmony.
      Learn to trust the owner through a win-win exchanges, and cooperation.
      See a reduction from the drudgery of excessive confinement and close management.

Your Family Will...
      Learn to create mutual appreciation of their dog.
      Learn to display leadership through affectionate encouragement, play, food giving, and other
               nurturing activities.
      Learn to reduce and eliminate social conflicts between them and the dog.
      Learn to use a leader-follower relationship based on affection, communication and trust.
      Reduce or eliminate persistent social conflict and interactive tensions, stress, and social disorder.

If you truly want to make your dog happy, well trained and a joy to be
around as soon as possible, then...

...the information I’m offering you is crucial.

It's not only for your sake but also for your dog's own health, happiness and
overall well-being. With training comes newfound freedom, and more
opportunities to run, play and exercise!!!

It's like having a whole new dog!

If you're serious about getting your puppy or dog trained in the fastest time possible,
you owe it to yourself to call me and let's get started right way.

Don't make mistakes early on
that have to be undone later!

Remember, dogs only understand "dog language", and when they come to live with us,
we must step-by-step teach them our language, just like a human child.

90% of the way humans would "naturally" think to train a dog, will prove to be ineffective, and can actually inhibit the dog's ability to learn new things in future.

For instance, as frustrating as it seems, anyone who tells you to “rub your dog's nose in his own urine” to house train, doesn't know what they're talking about! Your pup will see *you* as an unpredictable and somewhat “dangerous” person, and then choose to not potty around you ever again. Even out on walks! The pup cannot make the leap in understanding of “cause and effect” that you were upset “because” of something they had done earlier in the day. The puppy will not understand the gesture and will only become much sneakier when peeing when you are home!

Example #2: You should never use the recall word "Come" (or whatever cue you use), to call your dog to discipline him for any negative reason. He will learn that “Come” means he should “run away!”

Example #3: If the dog is barking in the back yard, you should not yell out the back door to “SHUT UP!” He will automatically think you are barking to join in. He will most likely continue barking like a friend that wants to play (and about that time the neighbor dogs will most likely join in the fun as well)!

Example #4: If you grab your 8-12 week old puppy and growl in his face, or roll him on his back for being a "bad dog", this can backfire. Dogs can become suspicious, fearful of *you*... AND for the rest of their life... AND... it does nothing to teach the pup an alternative!

And now you can avoid making the same old fatal mistakes.

It is even very easy to make critical mistakes in communication that can directly contribute to the dog's aggression to strangers or other dogs, and you may not even know why or how, or even see it coming!

In fact, punishing your dog, without understanding how the dog thinks, will confound, confuse and frustrate him. Dogs can even emotionally shutdown and stop even trying to learn anything new.

Scolding your dog can teach him all the "wrong" things are important, making it impossible to get him trained and backfire against you.

Learning these patterns of behavior can 'make' or 'break' your
dog's ability to be trained and listen to you.

Many of my clients were also fed up with their dog's behavior
problems, but rather than make excuses about it, they took action.

Read the "Student Comments" page and see what they say now!

Training your dog is like investing with compound interest, it has a lot more benefits than you can ever possibly imagine. It is so much more fun to own a well-trained dog. With CMI (continuous measurable improvements) you can do more exciting things, enjoy more experiences and share a fuller, richer relationship together. A well-trained dog is healthier and happier, and simply leads a better life than one who is not well-trained.

Take a moment right now and look at your dog!

What are the heart felt joys you are missing
out on by not training him?

Training your dog is easier than you think.

In as little as 10 to 20 minutes a day you really
can have the kind of dog ANYONE would LOVE to own!

And if you want your dog to obey "YOUR" every command, then
"Paw-Lite Companion Dog Training" is definitely training "YOU" need.

After that, you'll be on your way to owning the dog of your dreams!

And at a price a whole lot less than it costs to replace a scratched up door,
torn up carpet, or chewed designer shoes from a misbehaving pooch!

And your investment is nothing compared to the time and frustration you're probably
feeling right now.

Going from an "untrained” or “leash-aggressive" dog to a "tame” and
“fully obedient" dog “in 7 days” isn't as easy as many book writing
"experts" claim it to be.

Don't be fooled.
Don't be a victim any longer.

Don't miss out on this incredible offer!

Act now!

Little do people know that 'not' training their dog is almost like
abusing them.

Discover how much fun your life can be with a dog that obeys your every command
with a very easy, humane step-by-step system.

Be respected by other dog owners as someone who takes great care of their dog.

Put an end to the stress and annoyance of your dog aggression and any other problems!

This is your chance to improve your dog's life, as well as your own!

Your dog will benefit from learning very efficiently from a seasoned, experienced trainer!

The best part about this information is that it is easy and anyone can do it!

Private in-home lessons can be customized to meet the specific needs of your family and
pet, but follow an outline so that nothing is skipped over or thrown out!

It's truly a win-win situation!

My slogan is,
"Don’t use a sledgehammer
when a feather will do!

Sound interesting?

Why wait?

Make an extremely wise investment!

You'll probably spend more on 1 single car repair!
Doesn't your living, breathing companion dog deserve this!

My training really does make it easy.

The earlier you start training your dog, the better.

You will feel pride in owing a dog that *you* have personally trained and shaped to
become a fully trusted member of your family and society.
You'll be saving time and money, aggravation by avoiding mistakes or
disastrous situations when "symbolically" fighting with the dog for control.

Our dogs listen to their family because they love them and want to please,
not because they fear painful corrections.
Learn techniques other dog owner's only wish they knew.

No Hype!
No Smoke & Mirrors!

You need this kind of straight-up information.

Not in sold bookstores, pet stores, at the library or anywhere else on-line.

Think about your best friend, his health, his well-being and
his 12 to 20 year relationship with you!

You simply can't lose.

 •*•.¸¸.•*´*•  •.¸.•*`  •*´*• `*•.¸.•  •*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•  •.¸.•*`  •*´*• `*•.¸.•  •*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•  •.¸.•*`  •*´*• `*•.¸.•  •*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•

Companion Dog Training Services

(714) 717-4096

Call me! Start working toward your goals today!
 •*•.¸¸.•*´*•  •.¸.•*`  •*´*• `*•.¸.•  •*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•  •.¸.•*`  •*´*• `*•.¸.•  •*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•  •.¸.•*`  •*´*• `*•.¸.•  •*´*•.¸¸.•*´*•

Behavior or any outcome of training cannot be guaranteed due to levels of owner compliance, individual canine temperament, biddability, stress, previous training, or any other number of variables.
Guarantees extend to client's assessment of the service, and to the return of any unused fees.
Service Area: Bandera, Boerne, Center Point, Comfort, Doss, Fair Oak Ranch, Fredericksburg, Harper, Medina, Mountain Home, Pipe Creek, Scenic Oaks, Stonewall, Tarplay, Utopia, Vander Pool, Willow City, San Antonio.
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