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BASIC OBEDIENCE - In And Around Your Home, Guaranteed! Series of 4, 1-Hour Sessions - About 15 Cued Behaviors!

Learn how to effectively "condition" your dog to follow your common obedience hand signals and verbal cues, in order to open a channel of communication with your dog, using gentle proven methods. Teach your dog beyond "lure-based only" treat training, learn how to "read" your dog considerably better and gain insight into default Species Specific Trait Behaviors, Pack Leadership and how dogs process in order to best teach your individual canine, bypassing the typical frustrations.

      Gentle - Bite Inhibition
      Name Response - Attention to Owner
      Handling- Relaxing The Dog
      Sit/Stay - Basic Exercise
      Down/Stay - Basic Exercise
      Leave-It - Don't Touch
      Take-It - Put It In Your Mouth
      Come - In And Around The House
      Loose Leash Walking - Basic Exercise
      Place - Go To Your Mat From 10 Feet Away
      Door Dashing Prevention - Front Door Barrier Training
      No Jumping On People
      No Inappropriate Digging
      No Inappropriate Chewing

UNLIMITED CALL BACKS FOR 1 YEAR -  I guarantee that your dog will perform the "Basic Exercises" outlined in this program. If for any reason the dog does not understand or remember the exercises taught to them, I will fix the problem, with no additional training fees.
Series of 4, 1-Hour Sessions

Take your training to the next level... Get your dog to respond reliably at distances and around common environmental distractions such as other dogs, crowds, motor vehicles and other human powered vehicles.

      Auto-Sits - Dog Sits When Owner Stops Walking
      Around - Dog Avoids Sign Posts
      Sit/Stand/Down/Stay At Distance
      Out Of Sight Stays
      Pattern Training - Start of "Off Leash Heel" Work
      Come Off Leash - "No Matter What!"
      Field Trips Out Into The Real World
               (And Much More!)
Series of 4, 1-Hour Sessions - About 46 Cued Behaviors

Training at the dog's speed! Stretch the dog's limits and extend the Basic "Class" of learned behaviors even further. Tom uses this time to install as many behaviors as we can fit in, and shows you how to maintain them.

      Roll Over
      Stand on Hind Legs

Learn to teach your dog fun or useful behaviors using positive-operant training techniques, some of which are important for Sight, Hearing, Movement Impaired Assistance Dogs, Therapy Dogs (Hospital Visitors), or just for your own enjoyment and fun.

A terrific FUN series of sessions for kids 8 to 80!
1.5 Hour Session (approx.)

Learn what you must do using ethology, psychology and canine behavior to quickly and easily teach your puppy or older dog to eliminate "exactly" where you want them to - in their very own spot, in as little as 4 to 10 days, depending on the age of the puppy.
Series of 4, 1-Hour Sessions (This is the "Basic Program" specifically with Baby in Mind)

There are fun, but important things you can do to make your dog much safer around children. As an extension
after the "Basic Program", there are concepts of management and preconditioning for the dog to accept the novelty
of a baby, while also training additional behaviors that will make your life simpler once baby arrives. It is best to
start before baby arrives to nip jealousy in the bud before it ever becomes a problem!
AKC CGC PROGRAM - Canine Good Citizen
Series of 4, 1-Hour Sessions
Build on your dog's on going training! Teach your dog the specific steps needed to pass the "American Kennel Club's" "Canine Good Citizen Award Program". Your dog can earn a certificate from the AKC, suitable for framing,  and proudly wear a "CGC Tag" on his collar that proclaims to the world "I am a Good Citizen!"

      Accepting A Friendly Stranger
Sit Politely For Petting
Loose Leash Walking Though A Crowd
Sit, Down, Stay
Come 10 Feet
Reaction To Another Dog
Reactions To Distractions
3 Minute Supervised Separation

Canines passing the CGC Testing can add "CGC" to their AKC Name or ILP Name as a Suffix Title.
Series of 4, 1-Hour Sessions

Teach your dog to be a good hospital visitor around equipment, people, and noises. Learn as a handler team, how
to train your dog to pass testing for "Love On A Leash Therapy Dog Program."
Series of 4, 1-Hour Sessions

Under the ADA, a Perscription about the Dog will be Required... But after 'Basic' and 'Advanced' Training, an Owner can pick from a large set of over 400 behaviors to "install" and determine exactly what they need their Service Dog to do for them.

Operate Light Switches
Back Up
Brace From Fall
Pull Clothing Off
Drag A Laundry Basket
Walk Next To Wheelchair, Walker, ect.
Wait In Car To Load/Unload
Touch Access Door Switches
Pick-Up Dropped Keys
Fetch A Phone
Close Doors
               (And Much More!)
Series of 4, 1-Hour Sessions - Training as Needed

World Class Expert Dog Care!

      Fear Aggression
      Leash Aggression
      Dominance Aggression
      Possession Aggression
      Territorial Aggression
      Food Aggression
      Redirected Aggression
      Separation Anxiety
      Antagonistic Play Nipping, Jumping, Lunging)
      Poor Social Skills
If your dog is growling at you or family members, over food, bedding, bones, sofa, attacking other dogs, or snaps at strangers, there is very likely more trouble just around the corner. Learn how to handle your dog when it triggers instincts (Red Zone), and why in order to successfully reduce, disconfirm and de-escalate confrontational situations before they happen.

Tom can show you how to use Family/Pack Building "Leadership Skills" as a tool to teach your dog acceptable alternative coping skills.

Temperment Evaluations are collected before initial Training on dogs known to bite. 

 Can work with the entire family, evenings, mornings, weekends.
 Can work with the dog/handler team at home or park.
       Can meet with the dog at any location and work while owner is absent (Written Progress Reports given).


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